What Healthcare and Industry Professionals Are Saying About the SafePath Safety Suturing Device…

“This device seems to fulfill all the requirements of ease of use, guaranteeing safety of the central line, and protecting the healthcare provider.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist

“The device can make a huge impact for patient care and physician safety. … like the safety devices in IV insertion kits where the needle is exposed when in use and completely safe when you’re done…Very exciting.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist 

“Multiple sutures can be placed, and in between sutures I can take the SafePath device, lay it down on the table, and I’m not putting myself or anyone else scrubbed-in at risk.” Radiology Physician Assistant

“The SafePath product has potential for immediate acceptance and growth. It has been well designed and I encourage people to strongly consider its introduction into their practices.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist

“Its safety is obvious.”, Critical Care Physician

“The SafePath device screams safety.”, Anesthesiologist

“It is easier to use with my off-hand than a needle driver.”, Critical Care Physician

“The SafePath device could not be engineered any better.”, Interventional Neuroradiologist

“I usually dislike needle protection devices because they make the procedure more difficult, but, the SafePath device makes it easier.”, General Surgeon

“The timing is right for a safety needle. Also, the scalpel will be eliminated from the knot trimming procedure, therefore increasing safety at the table.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist

“Look at how easy that was.”, Critical Care Nurse

“That’s slick.”, Critical Care Physician

“That’s smooth.”, Nurse Practitioner

“That was perfect.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist

“Game changer.”, Critical Care Physician

“It is great for securement, however, the skin closure market will be even bigger.”, Critical Care Physician

“You invented the device that I have always wanted to invent.”, Interventional Cardiologist

“It frees up my off-hand. Great.”, Critical Care Physician

“It is really fun to use.”, Critical Care Physician

“You will miss the SafePath device when you don’t have it.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist

“The SafePath device is the best mousetrap that hasn’t been invented yet.”, Medical Device Executive

“It streamlines the process.”, Critical Care Physician

“I don’t have to search for scissors or a scalpel to cut the suture. The SafePath device saves time and removes clutter from the table.”, Interventional Radiologist

“I really don’t care much for suturing devices, but if any device is going to make it big, it will be SafePath’s. You really need to see this.”, Cardiac Surgeon

“This is the perfect tuck-in product for a catheter manufacturer, especially for central and peripheral catheter lines.”, Medical Device Executive

“This device should take-off like wildfire.”, Cardiac Anesthesiologist

“Securing catheters to patients with suture is the most reliable method. It is the gold standard.”, Interventional Neuroradiologist

“I always secure catheters with suture because I don’t want the patient to accidentally pull the catheter out at 3:00am.”, Interventional Radiologist